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About Kuvanga

We are an agricultural cooperative founded to help smallholder farmers grow their businesses by relying on the principles of cooperativism.

By providing training, technical assistance, access to credit, and instructions on how to transform, store, and sell their products, we help farmers increase the value of their businesses.

Our cooperative is made up of technicians and people passionate about agriculture, that by sharing innovative and inclusive solutions contribute to the country's socio-economic growth.

Our mission is to offer products and services that generate viable benefits to our members, customers, and the country in general.

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We combine different products and services for the development of agriculture in Inhambane

We add value to smallholder farmers businesses

Our services

We put the time and attention of our entire team into offering services that accelerate the business of smallholder farmers and traders. Strategically and inclusively, we identify the main concerns of our cooperative members and collectively advise on their resolution.

  1. 1. Kuvanga Store
  2. 2. Kuvanga Microcredit

Our products

JOGÓ - Dried Fruit from Mozambique

We process tropical fruits and moringa leaves harvested from local farms. By purchasing fruits produced by rural communities, we help several families diversify their income and expand the consumption of seasonal fruits.

  1. 1. JOGÓ Dried Pineapple
  2. 2. JOGÓ Dried Banana
  3. 3. JOGÓ Dried Mango
  4. 4. JOGÓ Dried Coconut
  5. 5. JOGÓ Moringa Leaves

Our employees have the experience and commitment necessary to develop and implement inclusive and sustainable solutions

Ernesto Luís


Jacinto Almone


Diana Dantes

Supervisory board

Grethel Gianotti

Advisor - NGO

Executive Team

Rosa Chelengo

Manager - JOGÓ

Mauricio Mandjendje

Manager - Kuvanga Comercial

Luís Mudanice

Manager - Microcredit

Albertina Gove

Secretary - Microcredit

Assucena Sumbane


Olívia Roberto


Dulce Arantes

Administrator - NGO

Davide Tomberli


Cossinate Sando

Cashew Coordinator

Joaquim Machado

Agricultural Technician

Tomás Taula

Agricultural Technician

Eleutério Tale

Agricultural Technician

Adérito Américo


Valdemiro Bernardo

General Services Technician

Juvência Adolfo

Process Worker - JOGÓ

Julia Queiroz

Process Worker - JOGÓ

Luísa Artur

Process Worker - JOGÓ

Benezaria da Quinita

Process Worker - JOGÓ

Júlia Artur

Cleaning Assistant

Ilda Manuel

Cleaning Assistant

Marcia Sumbane

Cleaning Assistant

Operations and Managers

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Our partners

To cultivate a more inclusive world, and because together we are stronger, we partnered with different organizations that have similar long-term goals and visions as ours. By doing so, we contribute to creating a world made up of healthy communities and healthy people.