Diana Dantes

Agricultural Producer and Member of the Cooperative

Discover the stories lived by the members of our cooperative in recent years. Through their testimonials, learn more about the positive impacts generated by Kuvanga.

Gustavo Simão Pedro

Through Kuvanga's Credit and advice, Gustavo was able to create his pineapple field and expand it to an area that nowadays grows orange and mango trees.

Diana Dantes

Member of the Kuvanga Cooperative and producer of mangoes, coconuts, and bananas transformed into our dried fruits.

Joaquim Machado

Agriculture technician who provides assistance to producers and cooperatives.

Celeste Covane

With the profits generated from her small shop, Celeste Covane was able to build her house and generate the income needed to assure the subsistence of her family.

Kuvanga’s profile

Discover the story of our cooperative. This video details the main projects and activities developed by Kuvanga.

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